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If You Need Me, I’ll Be Curled Up in My Bookcase

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

It’s a chair! It’s a shelf! It’s… a Bookseat.

Inspired by Le Corbusier’s condemnation of the space-wasting nature of most furniture, and in response to the increase in – and increasing need for – multifunctional spaces in our living and working arenas, Toronto-based Fishtnk Studio created the Bookseat.

Combining more than 12 linear feet (3.6 m) of shelving space with a swoopily curving, generously sized seat, the Bookseat not only functions as storage unit and chair, but also as installation piece. Not altogether surprising, given that Bookseat designer Mani Mani is an interdisciplinarian whose work encompasses installation art, product design and architecture.

The locally sourced, hand-crafted bookcase was first launched at Toronto’s Interior Design Show (IDS) in 2008, winning acclaim both there and at Montreal’s International Design Show (SIDIM). Minor updates saw its relaunch at IDS 2012, and we’re thrilled to have one of these Canadian-made beauties available (for admiration or purchase) at Swipe DX, our pop-up store at the Design Exchange.

Number 22 from an edition of 100, and gorgeously crafted from Canadian Maple, it comes with (or without) a felt cushion in customizable colours. Ideal for any interior. Maybe even yours.

It’s the perfect place to curl up with a book. Or 163 of them. Because – from a quick glance at our shelves at Swipe – that’s how many we think you could fit.

Bookseat #22/100a: $1900 ($2200 with cushion)

Occupational Therapy for Out-of-work Birthday Clowns

Friday, February 6th, 2009

Umbra Balloona Confetti Stool

? 2006: Natalie Kruch cdnmapleleaf

22-year-old Natalie Kruch designed this colourful, whimsical stool composed of 500 deflated balloons hand-tied over a wooden frame in 2006 while studying industrial design at the University of Alberta. Umbra approached the young designer about a production version but, although the product was featured in Metropolitan Home magazine in the summer of 2008, it quickly dropped out of production due to unsupportable manufacturing costs. Now Umbra has reintroduced the piece having found a sufficiently undervalued labour pool in Indonesia.



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